Do You Like it Rough?

The class of original works called Rough Sketches on the Simonson website are called “rough” for several reasons. Because they’re done for exercise, experimentation, or preparation for paintings, they usually have a spontaneous, unfinished look, and they may be on paper that isn’t pristine. You may even find another drawing on the backside of the one you purchased.

They are “rough” because they are a record of the unpredictability of the creative process. Rough sketches are not refined, finished works—they are what happens on the way to refined, finished works.

That’s also why they’re so affordable, with prices as low as $40 or $50 for an original one-of-a-kind artwork. But it’s not just the low prices that makes a rough sketch desirable. Many collectors love having a peek into the creative process, and prefer the loose, spontaneous energy of a rough sketch.

Whatever your preferences, we think the more you know about the process, the more likely you’ll be pleased with whatever Simonson art you choose.


NOTE: Some rough sketches are really rough, meaning there might be a crease or a slight stain somewhere on the work. In such cases we clearly acknowledge the nature of the imperfection next to the image on the website, plus you’ll get a break on price.



Rough Sketches (G-Rated)     Rough Sketches (Nudes)     Rough Sketches (Early Works)

Rough Sketches: Under US$50 (G-Rated)    Under US$50 (Nudes)    Under US$50 (Early Works)

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