Reviews from Simonson Collectors

From time to time happy Simonson collectors share with us their reactions to the art they’ve acquired. Here are a few of the messages we’ve received recently. 

“Delightful bound book of sketches…”

Just to say your delightful bound book of sketches arrived today after a roundabout journey, and none the worse thanks to the tight packing. All anxieties and difficulties have, I suspect, been of our own making concerning the unfamiliar methods UPS employ.

All forgotten when I opened the book and met with, on the first page, a preliminary trial of a larger sketch I already have, and I’m fascinated by these evolving interpretations and the network of erasures they overlay: they echo photographic records showing Picasso’s developing drawings (e.g. a famous etching of a bull); I like to see how art becomes what it is. A cheeky little copy of a Picasso piper (Temple of Peace, Vallauris 1952), just a few swift lines on the back of one of your pages, further enhances the value of the book for me. Many thanks for the hours of pleasure and instruction your book offers me.

David, Cumbria, UK

May 2024

“E-Book of Vinicius…”

I recently purchased your e-book of photography of Vinicius.  I was reluctant to do so because I am not a big fan of tattoos.  However, I found your photos of V to be outstanding and your best photography that I have seen.

I suspect that it is a combination of a number of factors – the model, the poses, the setting, the lighting, and “movement” in the poses.  I don’t know how much you “directed” everything to make it so good, but the compositions of both V and the backgrounds, his body language, the lighting on both his body and the background, the angles of features (either by accident or design) all contribute to how superior these photos are to most of the other ones.

One final thought, and one which makes so many of V’s photos so good, there is motion to his poses and he is not always just “standing” in the middle of the  frame.  For me, the photos of a model in the center of a frame and just standing there are never as good, no matter how hot and attractive the model is. 

W.B., Florida

September 2023

“Thanks a lot for your wonderful masterpiece…”

It arrived save and sound and now waits for its final place, but at the moment the painter is not yet finished with our new living room. I really admire your art, especially your more graphic works with all those fine lines that make together all these hot boys and men you find all over the world! You are really so talented!

Thank you so much, it’s really an honour to have this hot boy in our home!

September 2023

“It looked so amazing…”

I just received the pencil drawing Rafael in a Towel. It looked so amazing that i could not bear to have someone get it if it went on sale. I was not disappointed. Between the dip in the low-rise towel and how you captured the face is so beautiful.  

Another piece in my collection, 

J.R., New York

April 2024

“more striking in person…”

Received them today. Like all good artists, I am always surprised how [much] more striking they are in person.  Photograph has nothing over you. The pair work well together with the Mexican lad checking out the loveless gay icon across from him. Much thanks.

J.R., NY
June 2022

“Customer service is excellent…”

Wow! is all I can say! The painting is beautiful. Those little jpeg files on the screen don’t do the artwork justice. Thanks again for a wonderful painting and for the promptness of the shipping. Your customer service is excellent!

RN, Sun Valley, California

“we love the painting…”

Super efficient process, communicative and helpful seller, a pleasure. Plus we love the painting…

SJ, Barcelona, Spain
December 201

“Absolutely a knockout.”

Absolutely a knockout. A beautiful work of male art. Arrived quickly and securely packaged for delivery.

MW, Monroe, NY
June 2019

“…communication and service are absolutely first-rate.”

It’s obvious that Douglas’ art is Intriguing and gorgeous, but buyers should know that his communication and service are absolutely first-rate.

MP, Deadwood, South Dakota
May 201

“I was delighted…”

I was delighted to have a nearly immediate response from Mr. Simonson regarding this modest purchase. He also shipped the drawing immediately which arrived packaged as if it were a Da Vinci original which, for me, it is! He also extended a personal thanks and invitation to continue to look at his work and consider another purchase in the future, both of which will give me great pleasure. Thank you, Mr Simonson, for sharing your talent.

DL, Taft, California
November 2016

“…an excellent purchase experience…”

an excellent purchase experience from the seller. good speedy/rapid communication. more than very pleased with the artwork and my choice of subject matter looks ace in its artistic format. the seller delivered quickly and the art was more than well packaged for overseas transit. a very good experience.

SH, Berkshire, UK
April 2019

“Very beautiful sketch.”

Very beautiful sketch. Delicate in every detail.
The size of it is really big. 
I’m really glad to have it. 
And the shipping was perfect.
Thanks so much

NJ, Paris, France
January 2018

“Greatly exceeded my expectations.”

Thank you.  I was able to download the e-books with the second e-mail.  Since I was dropping you this note, I also wanted to comment about the two e-books I purchased.  I have briefly browsed through them, and am honestly amazed at how good/extensive and thoughtful they are.  I was not expecting that and, so, they greatly exceeded my expectations.  As I think I have mentioned to you before, it find it a shame that the on-line depictions of your works and especially the e-books does not do justice to the items. Don’t know if there is a way to address that, but I find it that way.

BB, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
February 2021

“Just what we were hoping for…”

Douglas Simonson just completed a landscape painting that we had commissioned from him and we couldn’t be happier! Not only the art itself but the whole experience was excellent. He delivered on time as promised and was so easy to work with along the way. He listened carefully to what we were hoping for, accepting our suggestions or explaining what would or wouldn’t work artistically. The result is not only simply beautiful but also just what we were hoping for. He is an expert in composition, value, and color. It isn’t often that looking at a painting makes me tear up, but seeing this painting actually did. My husband and I would recommend this artist without reservation.

LG, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 2020

“…arrived in perfect condition.”

Excellent, fast and considerate shipping! The artwork arrived in perfect condition. 
Not a single concern with this seller. This artist is professional, courteous and prompt in all communications. 
See seller’s other works. This artist is fantastic. 
Highly recommend! 5 Star Review for sure.

CZ, Los Gatos, California
July 2018

“…an explosion of beautiful colors.”

Fabulous painting, an explosion of beautiful colors, well package, a beauty beyond words. I recommend this seller. You get a 5 Diamonds treatment.

PB, Montreal, Quebec
May 2015

“…good to work with.”

Beautiful work, good to work with, fixed a small issue immediately! To both our satisfaction!

BS, Toronto, Ontario
September 2017

“…another great picture.”

Cannot recommend this talented, original and friendly artist enough. Absolutely delighted with my purchase yet again–another great picture. Thank you.

RC, Surrey, UK
December 2014


“Packaged carefully and shipped quickly.”

Another sketch from Doug Simonson, lively, fun & sexy as ever. Packaged carefully and shipped quickly, too.

AS, San Francisco, California
August 2014

“…blew my socks off!”

The Print and the MiniPoster arrived today, and I just want you to know that they both blew my socks off! You are so very talented, and I feel truly lucky that your work, in different formats, is available for us to enjoy! Thank you, Douglas!

BM, Arlington, Virginia

“Customer service is excellent…”

Wow! is all I can say! The painting is beautiful. Those little jpeg files on the screen don’t do the artwork justice. Thanks again for a wonderful painting and for the promptness of the shipping. Your customer service is excellent!

RN, Sun Valley, California

“…beauty and sensuality…”

I kind of think of you as the master of the male nude…There is just a sense of beauty and sensuality, and a third extra sense that I can’t describe that pushes my buttons, that you have in your artwork, that I haven’t experienced in any other artist.

JS, San Francisco, California

“Perfect portrayal of the male physique…”

“AWESOME!” is but a gentle word to describe your perfect portrayal of the male physique! I had the immense pleasure of stumbling onto your webpage and sat for hours going through each and everyone of your works! As an abstract artist I couldn’t help wishing that I’d turned my hand towards your style of portraying beauty! Thank you for sharing your love of art on the Net with me!! My best regards and best wishes to you.

LP, Cape Town, South Africa

“…clean eroticism and good human feelings…”

Once more I express my admiration before the art of Douglas Simonson. Douglas is one of the rare artists who shows the connection between eroticism and spiritualism. Earlier I was pained every time with the fact that erotic gay pictures (as the straight erotic ones) many times were connected with something not very clean. On the contrary Douglas’ pictures and drawings accented the clean eroticism and good human feelings in the most simple people who had the luck to be a model for him. I think it would be revolutionary for not only Russian gay people but for Russian artists if Douglas some day come to Russia and do exhibition of his works here.

YM, Moscow, Russia

“…a new addition for the Simonson gallery…”

Now…another of your fine artworks is in admiring hands (so admiring that I told the architect to eighty-six all the windows for one wall in the new addition, for the Simonson gallery).

LW, Portland, Oregon

“In your work I am transported…”

Thank you as ever for the update alert for your gallery. In the course of several months I have seen the gallery progress and reach what is now a pinnacle of remarkable quality. The images are of substantial quality to view well and yet not replace purchase of an original or print. This is a fine line you have successfully walked. I applaud all involved…I must also comment upon the drama and erotic as well as pure sensual effect of these fine works. As a gay man and athlete, few characteristics of the male being (psyche, emotion, spirit, body, actions, tone and scent) have escaped my attention. In your work I am transported through several layers of ecstatic recollection of my former partner and also the delight of handsome and mysterious men everywhere. I am particularly gladdened that you repose before us people of ethnicity other than European heritage.

SM, Sacramento, California