Live Chat with the Artist!

Now you can talk directly with the artist! Just look for the Live Chat with the Artist icon in the lower right of every page on the Simonson website. Obviously Douglas Simonson is not always available for a chat, but when he is, the icon will indicate he’s online and available. If the artist isn’t online, you can leave a message. Of course you can always e-mail us, but if you want a question answered right away—or you just want to tell the artist how much you love a particular artwork—click on Live Chat!



2 replies on “Live Chat with the Artist!

  • Drwart

    I’ve enjoyed your art for sometime especially the erotic drawings. I’m a amateur artist and I’m finding the added excitement of the nude erotic male with erection is much more fulfilling to draw. I have had one session with a private model that went well. We both enjoyed the experience. He found freedom in not worryingly about getting hard. I enjoyed the more than academic session. I’m looking for sites that’s feature or support erotic male drawing, female to I guess. Do you have articles in your blog regarding drawing the erotic nude?

    • admin

      If you go to my blog (use the link at the top of my webpage) and choose “In Studio: Nudes”, you’ll get a page full of thumbnails. Look for the ones showing pencil drawings and click on them–those are the entries you’re probably looking for.


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