More Loosening Up…

Lately I’ve been experimenting with turning rough sketches into paintings. I mean, I do that a lot, but usually the sequence is, I choose an image I want to turn into a painting, then I do rough sketches to work out the visual issues before starting to paint. In this case, I took some rough sketches that turned out pretty well and tried turning them into paintings. 

This was a good experiment because I didn’t take the images too seriously, and there’s a playfulness to the resulting paintings that I don’t always get. This is just another small step forward for me as I continue to move toward getting freer, looser, and more confident in my painting.

“Expressionist Male Nude with Arms Folded.”

The painting is called “Israel’s Shadow.”

You don’t see a rough sketch for the painting above, “Rocco Raw,” because I did it right on the canvas, then painted it.

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