Simonson Newsletters from Nov. 2016

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Simonson’s Art Adventure June 6 2020
New Paintings, Erotic Miniposters, Letting Go of Early Works Sale

Simonson’s Art Adventure May 8 2020
Future Husbands Series, Omar E-Book, Simonson Face Masks

Simonson’s Art Adventure April 14 2020
Colored-Pencil Nudes, E-Book Quarantine Special, Moroccan Model Omar

Simonson’s Art Adventure March 2 2020
Triptych Commission, New Portrait, Javier Photo Prints

Simonson’s Art Adventure January 15 2020
Chadwick Nude Photo Print, Javier E-Book, Vintage Gay-Book-Nudes

Simonson’s Art Adventure December 15 2019
Giveaway Winners, New Landscapes, Beach Adventure with Javier

Simonson’s Art Adventure November 17 2019
Painting Giveaway, Male-Nude Life Drawing Class, New Model from Colombia

Simonson’s Art Adventure October 28 2019
New Marcus Portraits, Artspotting, New Posters of Classic Nudes

Simonson’s Art Adventure October 6 2019
Fundraiser Sale for Simonson Surgery

Simonson’s Art Adventure September 22 2019
Chadwick Nude, Fake Simonsons, Gouache Sketches

Simonson’s Art Adventure August 22 2019
Naked on the Rocks, Locker Room, Rough Sketches Sale

Simonson’s Art Adventure July 28 2019
Rocco Raw, Prints Sale, New YouTube Drawing Video

Simonson’s Art Adventure July 8 2019
New Rob Photos, Pop-Up Sales, New Prints

Simonson’s Art Adventure June 12 2019
Sandy Back, New Portrait Gallery, After-Painting Beers at Chachalaca

Simonson’s Art Adventure May 23 2019
Smiling Again, $399 Paintings, Enrique on the Terrace

Simonson’s Art Adventure April 29 2019
New Victor Photos, More Gallery-Size Posters, YouTube Videos

Simonson’s Art Adventure March 15 2019
Making Videos, Brazilian Male Nudes, Erotic Sketches

Simonson’s Art Adventure February 22 2019
New Landscapes, New Painting Video, Victor and the Red Speedos

Simonson’s Art Adventure January 24 2019
Coloring Book, ArtVallarta Classes, New Blog Entries

Simonson’s Art Adventure December 17 2018
New Paintings, Sketches, E-Books Sale

Simonson’s Art Adventure November 27 2018
Christmas Sketches Sale, 2019 Calendars

Simonson’s Art Adventure November 2 2018
New Larger Poster Size, Latest Sketches and Paintings, New Erotica

Douglas and the Faster Better Website October 7 2018
Charmingly illustrated story of how Simonson turned his slow website into a much faster one

Simonson’s Art Adventure, Late September 2018
New Couples Paintings, New Sketches, Erotica

Simonson’s Art Adventure, September 1 2018
New Abstracts, Brazilian Nudes, Classic Prints back online

Simonson’s Art Adventure, July 25 2018
Treasure Hunt, New Landscapes, Abstracts, Erotic Drawings

Simonson’s Art Adventure, June 27 2018
Sketch Portfolios, Enrique E-Book, Smoothie Painting

Simonson’s Art Adventure, May 31 2018
Sunday in Quimixto, Enrique Photo Prints, New Erotic Drawings

Simonson’s Art Adventure, April 23 2018
Artist’s Birthday Sale, New Nohea Print, Big Swig

Simonson’s Art Adventure, March 25 2018
New Zach E-Book, New Prints, Erotic Gallery Password

Simonson’s Art Adventure, February 20 2018
New Model Enrique, New Landscape, Notes from Happy Collectors

Simonson’s Art Adventure, January 30 2018
January Painting Marathon, New Rob and Zach Paintings, Mike T. Acrylic Sketch

Simonson’s Art Adventure, January 4 2018
New Model Zach, New Erotic Posters, New Limited-Edition Prints

Simonson’s Art Adventure, December 19 2017
Hidden Erotica, 80 New Posters, New Main Navigation Page

Simonson’s Art Adventure, December 7 2017
Christmas Sketches Sale, Deja Vu, New Torano Paintings

Simonson’s Art Adventure, November 9 2017
Selected Paintings on Sale, 2018 Calendar, New Art

Simonson’s Art Adventure, October 18 2017
Online Portrait Gallery, 2018 Calendar, New Paintings

Simonson’s Art Adventure, October 3 2017
New Studio at ArtVallarta, Making Digital Art in Brazil, Sketchbook without the Book


Simonson’s Art Adventure, August 27 2017
New Marcus Portrait, New Jeff Nude, Breaking Through the Fear of Painting

Simonson’s Art Adventure, August 11 2017
New Anthony D. Nude, New Prints, Digital Art of Marcelino

Simonson’s Art Adventure, July 13 2017
Bedroom Selfie, New Nudes, New Rough Sketches, New Blog Entry

Simonson’s Art Adventure, June 21, 2017
Mike the Bodybuilder, First Camilo Photo Prints, Manzanillo Visit

Simonson’s Art Adventure, June 6, 2017
New Mike T. Paintings, Under-$50 Galleries, Two New Prints

Simonson’s Art Adventure, May 11, 2017
New Painting: Tropical Vacation, Live Chat on Site, New Sketches

Simonson’s Art Adventure, April 17, 2017
New Camilo E-Book, New Camilo Drawing, Beachboy Sunrise, Chico Print

Simonson’s Art Adventure, March 26, 2017
New Abstracts, Teaching Painting in PV, Major New Pencil Work

Simonson’s Art Adventure, March 7, 2017
New Camilo Nudes, Blog Entry: Painting Guayacanes, $35 Sketches Sale

Simonson’s Art Adventure, February 21, 2017
New Model from Colombia, New Paintings, Portraits, Sketches

Simonson’s Art Adventure, January 10, 2017
New Rod Paintings, Israel on Board, The Missing Speck of Paint, E-Book Passwords, Sitemap and Guide to Simonson Website

Simonson’s Art Adventure, December 14, 2016 
Bananas, Painting Video, New Print, Bahian Beach Boys

Simonson’s Art Adventure, November 30, 2016
Hiking with Manuel, New Victor Painting, On a Costa Rican Beach, Teaching Painting

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