Above: A look at my new studio space in ArtVallarta–big, bright and air-conditioned!

I love the community and the energy at ArtVallarta here in Puerto Vallarta. What I haven’t been loving over the past several months is the size of my studio space there. ArtVallarta is constantly changing, with ongoing expansion and new ideas generated by its founder and owner, Nathalie Herling, and the seasonal comings and goings of artists and art students.

I’m one of the few constants about ArtVallarta (I’ve been here over 2 yrs now), but my studio space keeps changing. For the past several months I’ve been painting in a tiny space in one corner of the pottery/painting studio. (The 2 photos above give an idea of the size of the space.)

It just wasn’t working for me. As much as I love ArtVallarta, I was starting to look around for an alternative studio space. I had ideas for larger projects but I wasn’t able to get them going because I was in such a small space. I couldn’t really even have more than one painting going at a time.

Then, when I got back from my September stay in Brazil, Nathalie surprised me. She led me to the downstairs portion of the building, an area which had previously been a gym. It had been completely cleared out and the back section was now an artist’s studio area!

Above: I’ve moved all my equipment into the new space. Just waiting for the delivery of two more pieces of drywall to give me additional “easels”!

It was exactly what I was looking for. Even better, it was air-conditioned! That’s a major luxury after the previous painting spaces I’ve had in Puerto Vallarta. I will have to share part of the space with other artists during high season, but I can deal with that. I’ll still be able to spread out sufficiently to keep more than one project going at once, and that’s what I’ve been needing.

It took a few days to get everything in place: all my equipment moved into the new space, a sink hooked up so I had water, and the delivery of additional pieces of drywall—the “easels” I use as support for the unstretched canvas I paint on. Finally I had everything I needed and could begin painting again!

Above you can see me in my new studio space shortly after getting everything installed and beginning to paint again. I love this new space and I’m looking forward to painting in an environment that has room for me to expand as an artist!

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