Before I Take Off

Before i take off


Okay, it’s June 28th. This was my projected date for flying to LA and beginning “the adventure.”

Well, two things. One, this kind of thing usually takes longer than expected, so I’m fine with that. Two, I have a funny feeling “the adventure” has already begun.


Sold my car and the money’s in the bank. It went to really nice people who love my Honda Element as much as I did, and are very happy to have it. I’m happy to be that much lighter. I got a nondescript little rental today and I’m zipping around in that, perfectly happy. Driving a rented car always makes me feel like I’m on vacation.

The apartment has not yet found a tenant. I’m not concerned. The right person always comes along at the right time. I’m a little concerned about how many plants remain in the apartment…but they really add a lot and I like having them there when the apartment is being shown. I’m hoping the new tenant will be a plants person and will be happy to have them.

Now that almost everything is in place, things aren’t so crazy rushed and I have a little bit more time…so maybe I can get a little drawing and painting done before I take off. In fact I may delay my takeoff a bit just so that I can do some painting in my “new” in-office studio. And I’m working on ideas for a new e-book (or two).

There’s also a July 4 pool party at my friends Chris and Will’s which is always one of the best parties of the year (they live in the old Lana Turner estate on Diamond Head and have a huge pool and one of the best party venues of anyone I know, plus they’re good friends and the vibes are always really great there)–and I may stay around so I can go to that. Let’s see, party July 4, recover July 5, fly to LA on July 6? Mmm, maybe.

I said the adventure has already begun, and it has. I really like the looseness and liberty I’m feeling, like being able to leave when I feel like it rather than having to match up to some external schedule…and having only a vague idea of where I’m going and when, and having it be okay that it’s not written in stone, and might change at a moment’s notice. And having some extra money from the sale of the car removes any money pressure I was feeling. Ah, freedom!

That feeling of lightness and freedom makes creating art a lot easier too. We’ll see what I can create before I fly away…


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  • Tanya Hall

    As I said here reading this Doug Im shedding tears of joy and excitement for you! Congrats and well done on your big and wonderful changes! I can so relate….Ive done it a couple of times already in my life and probably ready to do it again in near future so yes I will stay updated with your excellent blog (love the way you write & I need to do one too) and who knows may even meet up with you somewhere in this gorgeous world! Hope you are going to Couch Surf along the way cos that was a real help and blessing to me in Hawaii and staying in your beautiful apartment / time spent with you was unbelievably precious and appreciated! Good luck… know you gona have one heck of an adventure and yes there is no set schedule or time frame …. let the universe guide …take care, have fun and be safe!
    Love Tanya Hall from Durban, South Africa

  • Irena Naglič

    Dear Douglas,

    it is amazing and I know exactly how the feeling of lightness and freedom makes you feel alive.
    I am so happy for you and I wish you a great adventure :), Irena

    • hahahawaiianorganics

      WOW..Douglas, to hear someone say this is a different feeling as I have lived that way (almost, ok all) my adult life. Now that I am back I am settling…change is good, right? Be safe my friend and look forward to hearing of YOUR travels! 🙂 Aloha.


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