I’m Giving Away a Painting!

Are you ready to receive a beautiful work of art? Are you passionate enough about it to tell me why you should be the one to own it? If so, write and tell me which original Simonson artwork you’re in love with and why you should be its new owner. Make sure the artwork appears on my website and is still available! Use the format below and remember, this contest ends December 1, and no new entries will be accepted after that date.

Send an e-mail to artist@douglassimonson.com. Use the following format:


Name of Artwork: ________________

My Name: ________________________

Why I Would Love to be the Owner of this Artwork:

(Write about why you’d like to become the owner of the artwork. Your piece can be as short, or as long, as you like. What’s important is not your writing ability, or your spelling or grammar, but your PASSION. Good luck!)

(Contest ends December 1, 2019.)

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