After my sudden surgery and 5-day hospital stay in early October 2019, I’m happy to say I’m now back in my studio and my recovery has gone very well! (Read the previous blog entry if you want to know more about the whole ordeal!)

Above: Here I am in my Puerto Vallarta studio with the first painting I completed after being in the hospital, Structure (model: Marcus).

They say an experience like this changes you, and that’s certainly been true for me. It’s the first time I’ve ever had surgery and the first time I’ve ever spent any time in a hospital, and it was life-changing. I experienced a whole new level of physical and emotional vulnerability. I had to let go of some mistaken ideas about how I was somehow superhuman and didn’t need anyone’s help. Then there was the simple frustration and discomfort of being in pain and being stuck in a hospital bed–I occupied myself with dreams of how wonderful it would be when I got out, and how much more I would appreciate my life and my physical freedom.

I’m happy to say that has proven to be the case. Life just seems sweeter now. Knowing, in a new and deeper way, that I am mortal and vulnerable, has given me a new appreciation for each moment.

That not only makes me a better artist, it makes me a better human being.

I really needed a lot of support when I was in the hospital and I had friends who stepped up when I really needed them–and I’m extremely grateful. I also got a ton of support from my collectors and friends, via a GoFundMe fundraiser, and a Simonson in Surgery Sale I had on my website. I’m incredibly moved and grateful at the support and love I received, and am still experiencing.

I’ll end this blog entry with a big THANK YOU to all of you for supporting me and helping make it possible for me to get back in the studio and create more art!

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