New Painting: Brazilian Sunlight

My latest painting is from a series of photographs I shot a few years ago in Brazil. I had found 2 models, Marcus and Sandro, in Rio, with the help of my then-Brazil-assistant Luiz (aka Gui). We traveled south 2 hrs to the town of Angra dos Reis, where we chartered a boat and took our models to a deserted island. At one point I had Marcus and Sandro climbing around on a huge rock while I shot photos. (You can see more photos, plus read the whole backstory, in my e-book O Gato: The Amazing Marcus.) The source photo is shown here next to a Photoshop-filtered version I created to aid me in creating the painting.

Below, some in-progress shots of me creating the painting (a video is forthcoming). At the end, you’ll see the completed painting, Brazilian Sunlight.

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