All About Limited-Edition Prints

A limited-edition print is an image which is reproduced a limited number of times only, with each copy signed and numbered by the artist. The image can be printed from a lithographic or other type of plate, or can be a digital reproduction of a drawing or painting. A Douglas Simonson limited-edition print is, in almost all cases, a high-quality digital reproduction produced from a scan of the original drawing or painting. The print itself is usually 13″x19″ (33x48cm) in size, and is printed in archival inks on substantial, high-quality stock. Most Simonson limited editions consist of 250 prints, although some recent editions only have 100. There are also 20 Artist’s Proofs printed and signed in addition to the regular edition. Every print or proof comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Click here for more detailed information on Simonson limited-edition prints and Artist’s Proofs.

You can browse the main gallery of the Simonson website and click on your favorite images to see if they are available as prints; or you can go directly to the Prints section on both the Art section and the Art (Members Only) section. Or just click on these links:

Art Prints       Art Members Only Prints

(The print shown above features Mike T. and is entitled Clouds.)

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