Searching for Khanh (and Other Stuff)

The Search function on the Simonson website is more useful than you may realize. Say, for instance, you’re intrigued by a model shown in a particular photograph, drawing, painting, or print. If he’s one of Simonson’s regular models, you’ll find his name by scrolling down from the image to the Additional Information area. Say his name is Khanh (shown in the photograph above). By clicking on the Search icon (the magnifying glass at the far right of the header on this page) and typing in Khanh, you’ll search the whole site for all art featuring that model.

TIP: If you’re getting too many results with a multiple-word search, try putting your search term in quotes, like this: “beach boys”.

Many of the artworks on the site are tagged with other information as well, so you can use search terms like Asian, or Black, or Hawaiian, and get intriguing results. Try searching for anything that comes to mind—you might be surprised at the results.

(NOTE: If you’re interested in a discreet male nude–that is, a male nude where no genitals are visible–there’s a search for that, too. Just type in the word nonfrontal and you’ll find all the no-visible-penis nudes!)

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