Male Nude Photo Shoot: Second Session with Jeff

My friend Doug Smith has a beautiful house in the Makiki-Punahou area of Honolulu.

Even more beautiful than the house itself is its beautifully landscaped backyard and pool. It’s not your typical pool. It’s L-shaped, with a hot tub in the elbow of the L, with lots of tropical foliage and Southeast Asian statuary surrounding the pool. It’s gorgeous and I first saw it when Doug hosted a post-surf beerfest for our local gay surf club. I was looking around at how beautiful (and private) it was, and thinking, wow, I’d love to do a photo shoot here.

A couple of months later, Jeff (see blog entry on my first photo shoot with Jeff) contacted me and told me he was going to be in Hawaii again and wondered if I’d like to do a second photo shoot with him. I did. I had actually been hoping to get another chance to shoot Jeff because he’s a great model, and because our first photo shoot was not ideal. (Because of time limitations we’d had to shoot at my apartment which was okay but not the ideal location.)

Doug was happy to let me do a photo shoot at his home, so Jeff and I met there one morning, and I showed him around before we began the photo shoot.


After relaxing for a few minutes and having some Starbucks, we got to “work.” I had Jeff strip down on the patio.


Then once he was naked, we started exploring the possibilities in and around the pool. The morning light was perfect.


No matter how inviting the pool is, getting into the water first thing in the morning is always a shock. It helped that Jeff could then jump right into the hot tub to warm up. All of this makes for great shots, of course.


Getting the model wet whenever possible is, as you know, one of my main m.o.’s. Getting the model wet is sexy and sensual and makes for beautiful visuals especially in morning light. Even better, getting the model wet means he has to dry off. A towel is always a great prop, especially when you have a beautiful blue-orange-purple multicolored towel next to a golden-skinned model against a green, green tropical backdrop.


On one side of the pool, among the palms, was a bit of Southeast Asian statuary that had been made into a fountain. I had Jeff swim over to that side of the pool and clamber up onto the pool’s edge and pose next to the fountain. Then I had him get back in the water and position himself under the falling water in front of the fountain. I got a couple of my favorite shots of the day there.


There were a lot of great settings, though. Another of my favorite places was the other end of the backyard where there was a big stone Buddha head at the foot of the pool, and behind that a pair of beautiful old wooden gates. Posing Jeff in these areas again yielded some of the best shots of the day.


All in all, it was a phenomenal photo shoot. The morning light worked perfectly for the setting, and what a setting! I’m hopeful Doug will let me use it again because it’s one of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting in. And Jeff, as always, did a great job as a model. I not only love his face and body, I also always enjoy the energy, spark and sense of humor he brings to the occasion.

You’ll see some interesting paintings and drawings come from this photo shoot, I’m sure. (Not that I know what will happen exactly, until I actually find myself creating it in my studio!)

Update: Now there’s a Jeff E-book!

In April 2013 I published an e-book called “Jeff” which contains almost 100 uncensored photographs from both of my photo shoots with Jeff. You can purchase it for instant download here.


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  • Jeffrey L. Hunt

    Douglas, I met you at the studio a few years ago, and have always been very impressed with your artistic experise. I did use your guide to allowing me to see your other works – as advertised – but I’m unable to access it either because of an email address, or as a valued customer. The two passwords I tried didn’t let me have any access to your fabulous artwork, and I’m wondering what I might be doing wrong. I would love to view your other artwork, and purchase some, but I don’t know how to access it. Any suggestions? Your comments and showings of your models arrive just fine. I just cannot access your most recent works. Jeff

  • Lillyana Antonaevic

    As usual, I LOVE ALL your art.. As artist myself, I have learned so much by looking and studying your art and the way you draw and paint the male figure..

    I am eteranlly garteful to you Douglas.. you are one amazing artist.. I am sure lucky to have found you and your amazing art..

    Keep up the exellent work.. Hugs from,
    Lilly and Cats..

    • Douglas Simonson

      Did you read the text of this blog entry? See the first sentence for information on location. And, glad you like it!

  • Bruno

    Mr. Simonson, I’m looking for an artist that doesn’t bother taking pictures of REAL sex. Do you do this kind of job? I’m not talking about porn, I don’t like porn, but I like strong and real homoerotic sex, strong but with a clearly romantic side. There could be masturbation, penetration, me and my partner licking each other, cumming, etc. But not those pornographic poses of open legs, spitting or opening the… we know.

    Well, if you don’t mind photographing real sex, such boldness (but romantic, not pornographic), I would like to hire you one day to do it. If you don’t, I understand. I’m going to check this blog next days to see if my comment got an answer from you.

    Thank you.


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