Simonson G-Rated Galleries OLD

Welcome to the “G-Rated” section of the Simonson online galleries. This is the family-friendly area. If you’re new here, we suggest starting with Latest Art. (If you’re interested in art of the male nude, sign up or log in to access the Members-Only sections.)

Douglas Simonson is a talented artist, and a man who loves his work. For over 40 years he has created beautiful art with a focus on the male face and figure, but including landscapes and abstract works as well. After many years in Hawaii, the artist now lives and works in Mexico (see Artist Bio), and via this website makes his art available to the world.

Here you can find original drawings and paintings as well as prints, posters, e-books and more: all currently available Simonson art and products can be seen and purchased here. To see Simonson’s male-nude paintings and drawings, become a member and sign in to access the Members-Only galleries.