About the Artist, continued

Part 4: Showing the Art and Finding a Following

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For over 30 years, interviews and articles focusing on Douglas Simonson and his art have appeared in publications worldwide—and more recently, online as well

In the 1980s, it was not easy to find galleries interested in showing male-nude art. A few of Simonson’s more discreet works found their way into Honolulu galleries and museum shows, but most collectors found him by word of mouth. Articles and interviews in mostly gay publications followed, and gradually Simonson’s following went global. A series of lecture/exhibition tours to New York, Los Angeles and several other major U.S. cities in the early 1990s expanded his reputation, and the publication of several books of Simonson art added to the momentum. In the 2000s, Simonson has created and published a series of e-books showcasing his art and sharing his experiences.

Simonson’s online presence began early, in 1995, and douglassimonson.com has been the artist’s primary gallery and store ever since.

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Fellow painter and mentor Martha Peters traveled from Nebraska for Simonson’s 1982 show at the Prince Kuhio Federal Building in Honolulu

With friend and sometime assistant Gina at a Simonson art show and lecture in San Francisco, around 1990

Simonson at a showing of his work at Honolulu’s Manoa Gallery, early 1980s

Simonson with then-agent Darlene at a show of his work in Los Angeles, 1990

Simonson art first appeared in book form in 1986 in Hawaii, published by Gay Men’s Press in London

Alyson Publications in Boston published Islanders in 1989

Brush & Camera was published in Honolulu in 2006

Simonson created and published his first e-book, Tropical, in 2011. Since then he’s produced over 40, and most are available for download in the Simonson online store